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AO Scan Technology

Quantum Technology

Scientists have isolated the frequencies of healthy cells and systems as well as immune suppressing stressors and pathogens like molds, fungus, parasites, heavy metals, and deeply embedded bacteria and viruses. This technology reveals imbalances, deficiencies, and toxic stressors. Patients receive results in the form of a 32-page ‘Vitals Report.’

AO Frequency Balancing

Healthy, corrective frequencies are played back into the individual to ‘remind’ the body at the cellular level how to be healthy again. In addition, these specific, balancing frequencies turn on the body’s self-healing mechanism.

AO ‘Balancing Drops’

Corrective frequencies, or ‘Cell Reminders’ can be taken home in a dropper bottle solution to continue therapy begun during the AO Scan session or for a specific health need.

AO INNER-Voice Program

Your voice tells the AO technology the frequencies to be used to balance brain function for:

  • concentration

  • creativity

  • emotional intelligence

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