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AO Scan, Bio-Energetic Analyzer

Recognizing Dis-Ease

Over the past 20 years, scientists have identified and isolated more than 120,000 Vibrational Frequencies associated with healthy human organs and system functions, as well as environmental toxins and opportunistic stressors. These frequencies are in our database—available for you to obtain optimal wellness and vibrant health!


When you book a scan appointment, your body’s frequencies are gathered through a 'Bone Conductive' headset, analyzed in relationship to the AO database standards, then rated as ‘Low, Normal, or High’. Unhealthy patterns of random, chaotic, or diminished energy due to injury, diet, environmental toxins, or deep emotional duress are quickly identified.

By identifying immune weaknesses, nutrient deficiencies, food sensitivities, genetic patterns, and the presence of stressors (physical, toxic, environmental, genetic, mechanical, chemical, spiritual, emotional, etc.), our certified holistic health practitioner will partner with you to create lasting change behaviors that work with your unique set of circumstances, budget, and abilities.

            Step 1:

AO Vitals Scan

This scan measures more than 550 Vital functions in the body via a non-invasive, bone conductive headset, producing a 32-page, detailed report featuring:

  • Pathogens, including Bacteria, Fungus, Mold, Parasites and Viruses.

  • System functions like Allergens, Enzymes, Endocrine, Amino Acid, Inflammation and Reproductive Health.

  • Organ health of the Eyes, Kidneys, Liver, Lungs, Pancreas, Thyroid, Skin, Cardiovascular, and Cerebrovascular.

  • Heavy Metals, Environmental Toxins and Metabolic Accumulations.

AO Vitals Frequencies Report.jpg

            Step 2:

Evaluation & Game Plan

Review is made of the Vitals Report to establish a unique and appropriate plan to include any of the following:

  • Intensive Specific Comprehensive Scanning per condition

  • Inner Voice emotional and neurological balancing

  • Regular frequency refresher treatments

  • Balancing Drops to be taken home, and used daily

  • Nutritional support and supplementation

  • Specific detoxification using nutrition and/or other therapies

  • Lifestyle change suggestions to help you achieve optimal wellness


AO Frequency Balancing

When we hear and feel ordered, calming, vibrational frequencies, our cells are reminded how to work at optimal levels. These same frequencies put the body in homeostasis—that place of rest and balance where true healing takes place. Refresher treatments are performed once a week for 30 minutes, for 6 weeks.

AO scales.png

AO Comprehensive Scan

The Comprehensive Scan provides detailed information of over 130 organs, cells, bones, and chromosomes. This program evaluates each scan taken and determines what corrective frequencies are to be sent to correct imbalances. See extensive details of your:

  • Arteries, Veins, Lymphatic System

  • Skeletal, Connective Tissue, Muscle

  • Brain, Nerves, Eyes, Ears

  • Chromosomes, Cells, Skin

INNER-Voice Technology

INNER-Voice technology uses sound harmonizing techniques to recognize excesses and weaknesses (imbalances) in the user’s voice. INNER-Voice generates audio frequencies which reduce the areas of excess and build up the areas of weakness. The INNER-Voice Program Promotes:

  • Concentration

  • Creativity

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Mental & emotional balance

  • A sense of calm & purpose

AO Brain Scan.png

AO ‘Balancing Drops’

Corrective frequencies, or ‘cell reminders’ can be taken home in a dropper bottle solution to continue therapy begun during the AO Scan session or for a specific health need. ​

AO Frequency Balancing Drops.png

Meet your AO Consultant:





Dori Abbott

Holistic Health Practitioner

'Prairie Hills Health'

Dori uses the AO Scan technology to identify underlying causes of chronic disease. She also uses balancing frequencies to bring the body back to homeostasis—that place of balance and rest where true and lasting healing takes place. Her youngest client is 10 months old, and her oldest is 89 years young! Having put herself in remission from a debilitating autoimmune disease, she knows what it takes to get you where you want to be!

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