Concussion – mTBI

(mild Traumatic Brain Injury)


Hyperbaric Oxygen

Oxygen is essential for the proper functioning of every cell in the body. A Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) chamber can multiply arterial oxygen levels up to 20 times normal by pressurizing its’ occupant while providing 100% oxygen for breathing. Increased oxygen levels proportionately increase energy production, waste removal, reduction of swelling and inflammation.








Concussion - mTBIo

A concussion is a complex, mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) caused by a physical force or impact to the head or body which alters the brains function.

  • Any injury that effects the function of the brain can be considered a concussion. Loss of consciousness occurs in only 5% of High School sports concussions.

Concussion Early Symptoms

  • Dazed or confused appearance

  • Nausea

  • Headache

  • Double, fuzzy, or tunnel vision

  • Dizziness, loss of balance

  • Forgets plays


Delayed On-Set Symptoms

  • Neck pain

  • Concentration difficulty

  • Sensitivity to light or sound

  • Negative personality changes

  • Can’t recall events prior to or after hit

  • Loss of sense of taste or smell

  • Ringing in the ears


Hyperbaric Protocol: Seek HBO ASAP!

When starting HBO treatments within 12 to 48 hours of a moderate head injury, typically only 3 to 5 treatments are required to halt concussive symptoms.


How Hyperbaric Oxygen Helps

Reverses swelling of brain, therefore reducing cranial pressure and its’ associated negative symptoms:

  • Nausea

  • Headaches

  • Vision disruptions

  • Hyper-sensitivities to light


Restores normal brain activity

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Hastens vascular repair from tearing and bruising associated with impact injury

HBO Requires a Physician Prescription by an M.D., D.O., P.A, or N.P

Prescription may be acquired through a:

  • Primary Care Physician

  • Team Physician

  • Revolution Hyperbaric Physician


An ‘Evaluation / Prescription’ form is available through our website:

Do not neglect appropriate spinal care!

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Concussion TBI