Hyperbaric Oxygen

Oxygen is essential for the proper functioning of every cell in the body. A Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber can multiply arterial oxygen levels up to 20 times normal by pressurizing its occupant while breathing pure oxygen. Increased oxygen levels cause proportionately increased cellular metabolism, waste removal, rate of healing, and reduction of inflammation. 

By combining 'Pressure and Oxygen', the body's own Nitric Oxide healing system is activated, functioning at an accelerated rate for 1 to 3 days after treatment.

HBOT is extremely safe and effective and usually used as part of an overall treatment plan, as with chronic health conditions. There are also many professional sports teams currently utilizing hyperbaric chambers for player injury and quicker workout recovery. 

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Common Conditions
Treated With HBO 
Research & HBO
Mitochondrial Dysfunction

HBO Requires a Physician's Prescription

 (M.D., D.O., P.A, or N.P.)

You may have your Primary Care Physician sign a script for Hyperbaric Oxygen or evaluation may be done through one of our physicians: 

Michelle McElroy, D.O., or Chad Edwards, D.O.