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A Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber pressurizes its occupant while breathing pure oxygen, multiplying arterial oxygen levels up to 20 times normal. Increased oxygen levels cause proportionately increased cellular metabolism, waste removal, rate of healing, and reduction of inflammation.

Scientists have isolated the frequencies of healthy cells and systems as well as immune suppressing stressors and pathogens like molds, fungus, parasites, heavy metals, and deeply embedded bacteria and viruses. The AO Scan Technology reveals imbalances, deficiencies, and toxic stressors. This information can be used to navigate toward optimal health.

Saunas, which have been around for thousands of years, are great for flushing out toxins that build up in your body's fat cells. Similarly, foot detox's are a natural method to eliminate harmful toxins and foreign matter creating disease in your body. 

Light energy is absorbed by cells similar to a battery being charged with electricity. As cellular energy, increases, toxin elimination begins spontaneously, resulting in healing, healthy tissue production and sharpness of mind.



Our Mission 

At Revolution Hyperbaric Plus, we strive to enhance health and wellness through the use of Hyperbarics and other natural healing therapies. Our policies revolve around prevention and proactiveness for staying healthy.  

About Us

Kevin and Veronica Hurdelbrink started in the hyperbaric business in 1999 in Jenks, Oklahoma, just 3 years after getting married. In 2017, they branched off into their own facilities going by the name Revolution Hyperbaric Plus.


Taissia Holmes

Thank you Kevin and Veronica for the Treatment of my wife. The Hyperbaric Therapy is helping her keep her blood cells healthy doing chemotherapy. GOD BLESS your Company

Reg Hawk Mathis

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