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What is Hyperbaric Oxygen?

Hyperbaric Oxygen uses a Hyperbaric Chamber to combine pressure with 100% oxygen' to greatly multiply oxygen levels throughout the body. Oxygen scrubs inflammation and toxins from the body, leaving you refreshed and revived.













Turn up the Healing!

A Hyperbaric Oxygen session triggers the body's own 'Nitric Oxide'  healing system, continuing for up to 3 days, producing a calming affect while accelerating repair of bone, muscle, organs, and nerves.












At the Core of Longevity and Quality of Life

Hyperbaric Oxygen has been found to greatly improve production and activity of stem cells.  Hyperbaric Oxygen also promotes DNA repair, increases telemer health, and reverses clotting characteristics of radiation poisoning.
















When to Use Hyperbaric Oxygen

HBOT is extremely safe and effective for new or old health problems or injuries. and as recent a general refresher, optimizing physical and brain function.

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